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February 21, 2006

I think the main topic that i’m going to try and cover on my blog is debugging web 2.0 new wave webapps, I think it is quite a rich topic to discuss, and not too much is being said around it. also there is a big overlap into modern corporate cultures where wiki’s, portals and webapps require pretty much the same level of insight into what is going on.



February 21, 2006

flickr photoset…

I’m attending mashupCamp (which is in the process of kickin some serious ninja butt) in SanJose, had a lot of fun today meeting some very bright folks motivated and filled with enthusiasm in a way that hasn’t been seen in the industry for a few years. It really does feel as if things are getting back towards the kind of positive outlook that we had back in Y2K.

Co-incidently you will notice in my flickr photoset of mashupcamp not only was the cool-aid for this event provided by microsoft but Larry Lessig seemed to be drinking it. (chortle!)