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Mix06 – Day 1 General Observations

March 21, 2006

The thing that is most striking to me about this event so far is how much it should really be called MeToo06 as it all really seems to be about Microsoft waking up and trying to catch up with competitor initiatives.

Quite a few mactops around, and in fact in most every session microsoft is shouting support for the major browsers. I think this is part of the reaction to the terrible CSS implementation in IE, every creative type that has to write any CSS code is constantly reminded of just how much more complex life is a result of IE and most CSS out there contains comments like ‘/* IE box HACK craptastic */’ . I think this has had a cumulative effect on the perception of MS as the undesirable player in the arena.

IE7 looks pretty good, less crap around the screen but really nothing to get too excited about unless you get excited about software working the way it was supposed to work in the first place.

One thing of interest was a comment from Bill Gates this morning on how much the drWatson error reporting back to MS has really improved windows a surprising amount and that they feel it is likely contributed to the stability of XP (such as it is) more than any QA stuff they could possible do.