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WRT54G with OSX 10.4 DHCP problems

November 13, 2006

For anyone who has the problem that their 10.4 macs are unable to connect to their Linksys WRT54G router. then check out this thread in the linksys forums.

I upgraded my router to the latest firmware, everything was working fine, until I had to shutdown all my machines (for a pg&e scheduled power drop), on restart all the boxes came up but the macs couldn’t access the internet. Some time spent on frakking around revealed I was able to manually assign IP’s and DNS settings which pointed to a problem with DHCP.

It turns out the 1.01 firmware is broken for macs running OSX 10.4. you can downgrade the firmware in the router. to 1.00.9 but that might be a risk to some folks. so I have went with the alternative solution of manually assigning IP’s.

the firmware should be available from here. no news yet as to when Stinksys will be releasing a fixed version.


2nd Gen Ipod Shuffle pics.

November 3, 2006

The 2nd gen Ipod shuffle has arrived. here are the traditional box opening pics..



it ships in a transparent box, so it’s tiny goodness can be seen.


Side of of box


product identifiers on the side.


standing box


the box vertical.


it’s open…


opened the lid.




truly this is a teeny tiny thing.


box contents


headphones, dock, strangely just dumped in the box, slightly less fetishistic than most apple packacking


in dock


here’s the beastie mounted on it’s cute little docking station.


Well now I’m off to enjoy some microscopic mp3’s




Screwing with the 800lb Gorilla

March 20, 2006

Pretty funny but there are loads of people with mactops around (myself included)just sticking the finger basically, but it is amusing for me to part of the mac underground.