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Continuous Glucose Monitoring moving towards closed loop therapy.

November 5, 2006

The Beeb is running an article on plans to start testing an ‘artifical pancreas’, the title of the article (and the article itself) is a little misleading, what they are talking about is a software update to existing technology to better simulate the delivery of insulin based on glucose levels. it is not a new device.

The first picture shows a very ‘old skool’ finger test, nowadays most folks use a lancet device that take less blood. ALSO the finger test in the photo is drawing blood from the wrong place on the finger as blood should be taken from the sides where there is less chance of causing nerve damage to the finger over time, which is especially important as blindness is common long term complication of diabetes, and you’ll be needing the nerves in your fingers to read brail!

The pump device shown in the second picture is the same pump that I use, i’m currently waiting on my continuous monitor. although there wont be a ‘closed loop’ as the device shown takes glucose readings from interstitial fluid rather than blood and has about a 20 minute delay from the actual hemo-glucose levels, which makes automatic adjustment of insulin therapy much more difficult.

The article also ignores Carbohydate Counting which along with glucose monitoring is required to maintain good control.

This overall approach is an incremental improvement over existing therapies, and I understand the idea that the more complex aspects can be made simpler for young diabetics as currently there is an overwhelming amount of lifestyle decisions that have to be factored in when determining the dosing you need for a particular time (amount of food, exercise, fat content, sugar, time of day).