Weird Words explaines the odd title of my blog quite well. There is also a track by The Shamen that refers to chronsynclastic infundibulum. eReader has an excerpt from the book.

Sirens Of Titan


One Response to “About”

  1. matt pickell Says:

    i have a question of some jsunit posts on your site, but i was not sure where to ask it. not sure if you can answer either, but i have found surprising little on the web about it. It seems like you have done some debugging through it, so i’m hoping you can help.

    I set up jsunit in eclipse, and i am trying to call it from java’s junit. I setup a StandaloneTest and give it an implementation of the ConfigurationSource interface. it starts the test, and feeds the test html pages to the browsers, but then it times out when waiting for results from the browsers.

    do you have any experience with this? or any tips on how results are supplied so i can debug the issue? I emailed the person who wrote jsunit via the jsunit.org page, but have received no response, so i’m looking elsewhere.

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