2nd Gen Ipod Shuffle pics.

The 2nd gen Ipod shuffle has arrived. here are the traditional box opening pics..



it ships in a transparent box, so it’s tiny goodness can be seen.


Side of of box


product identifiers on the side.


standing box


the box vertical.


it’s open…


opened the lid.




truly this is a teeny tiny thing.


box contents


headphones, dock, strangely just dumped in the box, slightly less fetishistic than most apple packacking


in dock


here’s the beastie mounted on it’s cute little docking station.


Well now I’m off to enjoy some microscopic mp3’s





2 Responses to “2nd Gen Ipod Shuffle pics.”

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    […] 2nd Gen Ipod Shuffle pics. – [[ the sirens of titan ]] – no real use for it, but yeah – I want one. […]

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