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October 26, 2006

Hello Boris.

October 23, 2006

Added Boris to the blogroll. I’ll need to visit him at the googleplex and see the Spaceship one replica at the campus.

cheers Boris.

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October 22, 2006

Running IE7 with IE6…

October 19, 2006

… you can’t!

(update… yousef is working on it) still seems to be a bit fragile…. also i have gotten the .local install of IE6 to work (also fragile) the about page says ie7 but the browser appears to render like ie6 as far as i can tell. so a solution can’t be too far away but a big middle finger to the redmond tools for this deployment.

so what I suggest is.

Go to Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs
Make sure Show Updates is checked.
Scroll down near the bottom and find IE7 and remove it. It will restore IE6.

Now this sucks BIG TIME. Microsoft has released IE7 (previous post on ie7 from mix06). The .local hack no longer works. this leaves you some unsavoury options for concurrent running of IE6 and IE7

  1. Install VMWARE (ms would suggest virtualpc but that is so sucky it is isn’t even funny)
  2. Use a spare pc.
  3. Term services to another pc.

Now thinking that through option #1 would require a couple of GB and a bunch of time to download install and configure the VM, option #2/3 requires whatever you need to get the second pc/laptop. Neither of these option seem to be what I would term ‘useful’.

Why is this important, well as IE6 will auto-upgrade via windows update, then i’d bet a lot of web developers will be getting a surprise when they can longer test their pages under that buggy browser, so will immediately want to roll back from IE7 to IE6 (download IE6 SP1 installer here)

The thing is to fix this microsoft should make an IE6 standalone version available so that developers can test in all the browsers with significant market share. The way they have released this product has put a significant barrier in the way of developer wishing to support existing browsers and push forward with IE7.

stupid stupid stupid.

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October 19, 2006