Mix06 – Day 2 so far so bored…

OK, it is starting to get a little tedious, microsoft really doesn’t have much to show at this conference and most of the sessions I’m attending now seem to be a rehash of previous content, maybe it is just that i have a laser focus on the developer issues and there is only a limited number of products they are pimping for my particular demographic.

I’m going to focus more of my time for the remainder of the conference on the sandbox environment stuff that MS has provided and will be kicking the tires on the Atlas framework for Ajaxy development.

some keypoints.

1. WPF is cleary the equivalent of the quartz layer on the Mac
2. With WPF/E and Expressions MS is making a move against the macrodobe product line.

Free (as in Beer) stuff

1.Microsoft Visual Web Developer think Homesite/Dreamweaver from MS
2.SQL Server 2005 free edition
3.Cassini webserver for the .net dev stack


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