Mix06 – Keynote

We’ll here i am in vegas, sitting in HUGE auditorium in the Venetian waiting for the keynote to begin. Mix06 – for those that dont know is the start of Microsoft’s campaign to ‘take back the web’. I’m three rows from the front, and blogging this on the trusty 12″ Mac Powerbook. 30mintues til the keynote starts.

Sitting looking at the stage waiting for the keynote to begin, i am struck by the laughable stage backdrop, it is a ‘pretend’ street with the word ‘mix’ tagged onto the wall, are we supposed to believe that this is somehow a street level urban cool event, pretty weak really, considering this is propaganda central from the worlds largest software company.

Ok gates finished with a midly interesting Q&A with Tim O’Reilly. The whole session was sadly lacking in any kind of interesting news.

3 Responses to “Mix06 – Keynote”

  1. William Manning Says:

    Davey, You are going to have to keep me posted on the 8,000,000,000lbs gorilla. Let me know how many looks you get with your Mac. I wish I could have joined you at the conference but we always have MashupCamp 2 to attend.

  2. geekfreak Says:

    quite a few macs here, not much of interest from gates though.

  3. Bill Manning’s Blog » Blog Archive » Mix’06 Davey reports in.. Says:

    […] Mix06 – Keynote […]

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